Tesla Remote User’s Guide

iPhone App

Login Screen

How to Login

Tap “Login” in the upper left to reveal the login screen. Enter username and password in the appropriate fields and tap “Login” to connect to your Tesla account. The username and password are used only to obtain an authentication token from Tesla to allow for access to the car through their web service. The login credentials are not stored on the device *unless* you choose to save them in the iPhone’s keychain, which is Apple’s encrypted service for storing passwords. To save the login credentials in the keychain, enable the “Save password in keychain” switch.

The authentication token *is* stored on the device, in the keychain, to allow Teslapathic to reconnect to the account after the app has been quit and relaunched later. Apple’s keychain only allows the Teslapathic app to access this information. The authentication token is typically good for 45 days after a login. You can see how many days are left on the token on the Vehicles screen, in the table header next to your login account name (i.e. email address). After the token expires, you will need to re-login to the account, either by entering the username/password, or choosing credentials saved in the keychain.

You can log in to as many Tesla accounts as you have. 

Vehicle List Screen

This screen shows all the vehicles on all the accounts you are logged into. Each account has a header in the table that shows the account name (i.e. email address), how much time is left before the authentication token expires (i.e. when a re-login is required), and a button to login or logout of the account.

Tapping on a vehicle in the list shows the vehicle screen with more status info and control buttons.

When the status information has not been recently updated, the text will appear dimmed. When a status update is received the text will appear in full brightness.

Vehicle Screen

This screen shows status information for various aspects of the vehicle, including speed, gear, heading, location, odometer, battery charge state, range, and inside and outside temperatures. When the status information has not been recently updated, the text will appear dimmed. When the status is updated the text will appear in full brightness.

Controls on this screen have a safety feature that prevent accidentally triggering the commands. To use, tap and hold on a button. A popup will appear showing the current state of the control and the possible action. Slide up or down to activate the control. Lift your finger off the screen when you feel the vibrations indicating the switch has been activated. If the phone vibrates after you lift your finger, then the command has been sent to the car.

Settings Screen

Enable Diagnostics

Enabling this option will show a button on the vehicle screen in the top right corner called “Data”. Tapping on this button reveals the raw data sent from Tesla’s servers to the app. 


There are 2 themes: light, and dark.

Email the Developer

Opens a mail message to the software developer. You can ask a question, make a suggestion, or just leave a comment. Please don’t remove the diagnostic information embedded into the message, as it helps diagnose problems.

Apple Watch App


Login into your accounts on the iPhone App. Vehicles will appear on main screen of watch app

Main Screen

Scroll up and down w/finger or scroll wheel to see all cars.

Tap on a vehicle to see the commands screen.

Force press to see the about screen (version and build numbers).

Commands Screen

Tap buttons to unlock doors, unlatch frunk, unlatch trunk (or open/close trunk for automatic trunk models).

Tap Charge or Climate buttons to go to corresponding screens;

Force press screen to reveal buttons to hong the horn or flash the headlights.

Charging Screen

Use buttons to open charge port door (when closed), unlatch charge port (when plugged in), change charge limit, or start or stop charging.

Climate Screen

Use buttons to start or stop A/C, or change temperature.