Tesla Remote


Tesla Remote uses Tesla’s built-in vehicle control system to send commands to your car and see it’s status. It is unique among Tesla-controlling apps with these features:

  • single screen interface

  • access multiple accounts simultaneously

  • quickly view status of all cars

  • powerful control system

  • convenient watch app

  • view raw data feeds

Single Screen Interface

All the most-used commands and key status information are contained on a single screen for quick access.

Multiple Accounts

Unlike most other Tesla client apps, Tesla Remote allows simultaneous login to multiple accounts, allowing for fast switching between cars on different accounts.


Tesla Remote uses a unique control button that lets the user quickly send commands to the vehicle while preventing accidental taps from performing unwanted actions.

Watch App

The Apple Watch app gives you fast access to the most essential controls and information.

Raw Data

See the data being sent from Tesla servers to the app


  • Unlock/Lock Doors

  • Unlatch Frunk

  • Open/Close Trunk

  • Open Charge Port Door

  • Unlock Charge Port

  • Change Charge Limit

  • Start/Stop Charging

  • Honk Horn

  • Flash Headlights

Status Info

  • Speed/Heading/Shift State

  • Location

  • Charge Level/Estimated Range

  • Temperature, interior & exterior

  • Realtime Map Location