Polynumial | iPhone App | Translate Foreign Language Numbers to Spelled Words

User's Guide

Enter numbers using calculator mode or odometer mode. Numbers are instantly translated and displayed as they are entered. For languages that use non-latin symbols for digits (such as Arabic) the formatted number is displayed using digits from the native character set.

Use calculator mode to enter numbers with a keypad. This mode supports negative numbers and decimals.

Tap "Tools" and use Orientation to toggle between left-handed or right-handed keypad layouts in calculator mode.

In odometer mode spin the wheels to select the desired number. Use the '+' and '-' buttons to increase or decrease then number of digits. Swipe left or right on the wheels to shift the number left or right.

In calculator and odometer modes, tap the spelled number or the localized formatted number to copy to the clipboard.

Shaking iPhone to reset the number to zero in both calculator and odometer modes.

Use the built-in "Speak Selection" feature to hear numbers spoken aloud. To use this feature first enable the "Speak Selection" option. In Settings choose General->Accessibility->Speak Selection and enable it. In calculator or odometer modes tap 2 fingers on the spelled-out number field to select the entire output, then choose the 'speak' option. This will only work with some languages, and may not always use the correct language to speak the text.

Polynumial displays a clue button with a random number and an answer field (or fields). Tap on the answer field(s) to reveal the answer. Tap on the clue button to generate a new random number. Use the "+" and "-" buttons to change the size of the clue number.

Select this option to set the position of the number clue button: on top or bottom.

For supported languages, enable this option to display the answer as multiple fields, split into number components. Reveal the answer one piece at a time. (Currently only supported for English).

Tap the "Lang" button to change languages. Languages with latinized transliteration available are displayed with the latinzed form shown after the native form.

Tap the "Tools" button for settings, help and support, and sharing options.

Enable "Pronunciation" to display latinzed transliteration for languages with non-latin character sets: Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic, Persian, Cyrillic-based languages, Thai, Korean, Greek, Armenian, Georgian, Hebrew, and Tamil.

The colors of the buttons and text and backgrounds can be changed by selecting the Color Theme option under General Settings.

Purchase or Restore a previous purchase. The Upgrade unlocks translation of larger numbers and also allows disabling ads. Must be logged in with the original AppleID used to purchase the upgrade in order to restore previous purchase.

Enable or disable the ad banners.

Displays the version number and other build information for the currently installed version.

Tap "User Guide" to show the page you are reading now.

Send an email to the developer with questions, bug reports, or feature requests.

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