Global Travel Clock

Chronulator shows the time at many locations around the world simultaneously with a single glance. It also lets you easily visualize how times change together in the future or the past around the globe. Just swipe your finger around the circle to move time forwards or backwards. Align a locations time arrow to a future time to see the effect on times in the other locations. Also shows which day it is in the different locations. Great for planning long distance meetings, plane trips, viewing sports events or just knowing if it's Tuesday or Wednesday in Borneo.

User's Guide

Chronulator displays the time at many locations around the world simultaneously on one clock. The display shows the time at each location, the current local time, and the day for each location. Reading the Chronulator display is easy: the green line indicates the local time. Each location chosen by the user appears in a separate band around the clock face and two light blue lines indicate the midnight line and the International Date Line.

In the lower right corner, tap the "+" button to add, remove, or reorder the locations. In the lower left corner, tap the "i" button to see the exact local time at all the locations shown on the clock, as well as in all major timezones.

Chronulator also has a time-machine feature: touch and drag the clock face backwards or forwards to see the times in the past or the future. Tapping the info button in this mode will show the future/past times at all locations. When in time-machine mode a reset button (small circle with clock hands) will appear to return the clock back to current time mode.